South Tyrolean wines

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The Paulser Hof is your culinary paradise

Where tradition meets fine dining, and guests arrive as visitors and leave as friends!

It’s a place rich in traditions. A popular gathering place for more than 60 years. Where visitors arrive as guests, but leave as friends! A cozy place where both locals and tourists have been coming together for generations to enjoy a cheerful atmosphere and pleasant company. And where they can sample some of the best vintages that the fine art of South Tyrolean wine-making has to offer!

Our dining room is steeped in tradition. It’s a place for friendly meetings and fine dining. Our wine cellar dates back to the 14th century, and was likely used by the Counts of Hocheppan to store their precious vintages. It’s four meters under the earth, and offers the ideal surroundings for many unforgettable hours. Besides affording a cozy atmosphere for enjoying select wines, it is also quite suitable as a venue for various different events, including exhibitions, wine presentations, and the charming South Tyrolean custom of “Törggelen” (hearty snacking) for groups of 25 persons or more (reservations necessary).

Come and discover the world of Tyrolean cuisine! A unique blend of hearty Tyrolean cooking and Mediterranean flair!

We offer a range of mouthwatering taste-treats! Here at the Paulser Hof, we don’t serve run-of-the-mill food, but rather creative compositions that are guaranteed to tickle your palate. Our kitchen is the home of exclusive Tyrolean cuisine. We take down-to-earth dishes and add a dash of Mediterranean creativity. Rustic treats like bacon dumplings, black polenta dumplings, the ever-popular “Schlutzkrapfen,” potato dishes, onion roast, meat dishes, and much, much more. Whenever possible, we prepare our dishes using farm-fresh products obtained locally – that’s because regionality and sustainability are important to us.

Although we are open practically the entire year, we always strive to keep our menu up to date with fresh, seasonal ingredients. That means that we regularly offer top-tier seasonal dishes and local delicacies.

Our game meats are a special highlight of our menu. Our manager is an enthusiastic hunter and is able to utilize her knowledge of hunting, game meats, and culinary science to prepare astonishingly delicious dishes. You thus have the opportunity to order a variety of authentic dishes featuring game meats to delight the palate.


Sit down and prepare to be amazed! Our dining room - the perfect venue for unforgettable banquets!

In our comfortable restaurant, you can look forward not only to unique cuisine, but also an exclusive atmosphere. The Paulser Hof has seating for 160 guests and is thus the ideal location for weddings, company events, and family celebrations. This is the perfect venue for fine dining, enjoyment, and unforgettable celebrations.


South Tyrolean wines – the superb accompaniment to excellent cuisine!

What is fine dining without the appropriate wine to accompany it? The answer: Boring! That’s why our wine cellars offer a wide range of select South Tyrolean and Italian wines to enchant your palate and bring out the best in your meal! You can choose from among high-quality white wines, delicate rosés, and robust red wines – we can always provide the ideal pairing for every delectable dish on our menu.


South Tyrolean wines, alpine delicacies – the Paulser Hof, situated in a wonderous landscape offering adventure and natural beauty!

In St. Pauls – a wine village steeped in tradition and situated in the romantic Überetsch district – you’ll find an exciting mix of history and adventure. Come and wander among its ancient walls and historic buildings. Our parish church – a “cathedral in the countryside” – in the town square is especially worth exploring. Come and discover the countless hiking trails threading through this wonderous landscape. And after a day of trekking, you can retire to your refuge here and reward yourself with a wide range of delicious South Tyrolean specialties listed on our bill of fare.

The district of Überetsch features style and flair – just like the wines it yields. With almost 1,000 hectares of vineyards and an idyllic climate, it features truly perfect conditions for growing high-quality grapes. Eppan, the largest wine-growing community of South Tyrol, offers a breathtakingly beautiful landscape, and is also home to some of the most-exquisite wines made by renowned wineries. Come discover a universe of flavors and bouquets. Eppan is waiting to deepen your appreciation of fine wines!

And the proverbial "cherry on top?"

Our fashionable vacation apartments are located right next to our restaurant – so you can always get a seat in the “first row!”

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